brand NEW VOLTAS a.c. not working

I had purchased voltas windows a.c. 1 Ton 122 LY along with a voltage stablizer on 13/08/2014 (10 days before filing this complaint) from joy air conditioners ,dholewal ,ludhiana worth RS. 22500 including installation charges. It worked for just 1 hour after installation by the dealer. I immediately complained to the dealer who said they will come and see it. They made the excuse that next day is holiday so can't come. This went so on until finally they came on 18th and after checking said that it was a fault in the motor which is company's fault so i should complaint to them and they will not replace the new a.c. Immediately i complained to the company on 18th( comp. no. - 14081800326 ). They said within 24 hrs they will fix the problem. On 19th evening(after 36 hrs of repetedly calling them) their workers reached and opened up the a.c. in a rough manner. They said they will come by evening and take the a.c. in an auto and replace the motor, but despite repetedly calling the service centre they did not return. since last 5 days my new a.c. has been opened up and kept on my table in shambles. Also the vent in the window allowing all insects inside as the workers kept it as such. Service centre is saying they will just come every day and night and the customer care is saying that they have put the reminder again and again. Please sir i am very unhappy with the situation and am mentally traumatised. instead of getting a new a.c. air from my first salary i am getting this mental agony by voltas who are selling such defected products and services which are traumatising the customers. I am totally helpless in such situation .The new ac is lying opened up on my table and the ludhiana service centre (sach refrigeration ) are saying that i should send it to them for repair as if it is my responsibility to repair it. I don't know what that i bought a new ac just to increase my troubles. Till date no one is coming and response to the calls is lame. kindly help me get back my money atleast as the mental agony given to me by voltas is permanently etched.


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