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Unscrupulous practices of vodafone customer services and retention team

20-06-2013, 06:07 PM
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Unscrupulous practices of vodafone customer services and retention team
The concern is regarding my vodafone number 9711004286 and 9999983473. There has been an ongoing issue on 9711004286 regarding a disputed amount of Rs.700 for which I have already received a waiver of Rs.685 from the retention team(as informed through a call in May). Still the billing has not been corrected and inspite of informing retention team through calls and emails about discontinuing the number, no action has been taken. As per the Telecom Consumers Charter, intimation of discontinuation of services through emails and calls are very much entertained and has also been done for my earlier vodafone number 9999444699. Now because of this issue the outgoing is being barred on my 2nd number which is being used by my family. If this is going to continue then I would also discontinue my number 9999983473. If an immediate action is not taken then I would be forced to give up this number as well.

I have been facing utter harassment from vodafone team since the last 5 months. Delayed responses from retention team, no reply to numerous email sent to them and above this intermittent call barring and regular calls for payment follow ups inspite of informing them about the dispute and the resolution provided by them. After being a loyal customer for more than 6 years, I was forced to change an old number and continue to be harassed by vodafone. Everytime I call up customer service I get to hear a new story regarding the case and it is never escalated to the concerned people. They keep me on hold for 20mins untill I am forced to hang up.

Below is a synopsis of the whole case and I demand an explanation as to why inspite of waiving off the disputed charges the issue is not resolved?

This issue has been ongoing since 5th January 2013 when I had requested the vodafone customer service to upgrade my internet service to a 3G plan. I was informed that as standard procedure you have to disconnect my current connection for which I will get a notification through an SMS post which I can call back and request for a new plan. I waited for their SMS for 15 days thinking that no action has been taken on my request as my internet connection was working fine. After 15 days my internet connection stopped working without any notification regarding the reason. On inquiring I was told that they have acted on my request and were waiting for me to inform them about the new plan. After much to and fro when I got this sorted out it my bill for Jan arrived for an amount of Rs.2000 which showed a charge of Rs.700 for the period 5th - 14th Jan (apparently the period when they had already deactivated my 2G plan and were waiting for my call back, whereas I didn't receive any notification of same). I proactively have been following up with them since then and have made regular payments deducting the unjust amount of Rs.700 but they harassed me to the core by disconnecting my services and promising a resolution at the earliest. However when I didn't see any action from their end and they continued to disrupt the services, I called up retention team and asked them to disconnect my number. I spoke with Pronoti, the agent in Vodafone retention team and was promised that this would be resolved and I should expect a call back within 48 hours which never happened and since there was no service available I was forced to change my number meanwhile.
Beginning of May I received a call on my other Vodafone number 9999983473 that they have waived off an amount of Rs.665 from the outstanding Rs.700. I thought that as I had already informed the retention team about disconnecting my number, which they were doing on and off already, that it has been acted upon. However, I have started receiving calls and emails again now that there is an outstanding amount of Rs.1600 on my number 9711004286 and no action has been taken on the disputed amount. I have made all payments for the usage that I have done till April post which I changed my number and haven't used the Vodafone connection.

I appeal to you that through this forum, I get an amicable resolution.
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