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Unfortunate PANEL problem with Samsung 40 inch LCD Television

03-02-2013, 11:37 PM
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Unfortunate PANEL problem with Samsung 40 inch LCD Television

This is to inform you that, I bought the prestigious Samsung 40 inch LCD TV (model no: LA40B530P7RMXL and Sr no: 12313ZES902899F) from Pantaloons Retail India Ltd. (Address: South City Mall, 375 Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata - 700068) on 06/10/2009. Unfortunately from last month (Dec 2012) VERTICAL LINES started appearing on the screen with sound. Currently the picture is not coming at all and the TV is in unusable condition. This causing difficulty for my family members. I am currently located out of India for my company assignment and trying to contact Samsung company service to help me out.

As per my complaint number 4142682465, the technician said that it is the problem with PANEL which can only be rectified by replacement of the panel and it is a very expensive affair. The cost estimation is given approx. Rs.21,000/-. This is most unfortunate, since post buying, this television has just completed 3 years and I am facing a major fault with the TV set which involves changing of complete viewing panel.

On further telephone discussions with different customer services personalities of SAMSUNG INDIA, the replacement charge/cost was reduced to INR 18,000/-. Now, to my belief this kind of scenario is not very general / frequent. I have purchased a product from a world renowned organization like SAMSUNG who works with so much diversification in so many fields from delicate Electronics to Heavy Industries, and I expect in return, much longer output and relation, not only for the television but all kind of other products of SAMSUNG. I do not blame any body or SAMSUNG for this damage, but I consider it is a very unusual occurrence in which again unfortunately I am the owner of the Item under discussion.

After multiple follow up with Samsung India and emails to Samsung head office in Korea, regarding Unfortunate PANEL problem with Samsung 40 inch LCD Television, sent on 21st Jan 2013, I have not received any reply so far from SAMSUNG side. However, I have received a call from Mr. Indranil Mukherjee (Eastern Zonal Executive) of Samsung Electronics India, for an offer of INR 14,000/- for the replacement of the said Panel.

To my belief spending another INR 14,000/- is very expensive within 3 years of purchasing a premium product that also from Samsung Electronics. This kind of scenario is a very SPECIAL CASE and does not happen frequently. I have also purchased other appliances from SAMSUNG e.g. Air-conditioner, Refrigerator, Mobile phone, DVD-Player, Washing-machine etc. and I am using all these appliances till date without any problem. As a customer, I expect in return, much longer output and happy relation with SAMSUNG.

On this above context, I am requesting / appealing to SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS to take up this as very special / exceptional case and replace the PANEL at minimum cost. I can bear the expenses up to INR 7,000/- to get the PANEL replaced. It is my expectation from you, to look into this and show a way out, to solve the issue cordially so that the customer satisfaction is highly appreciated.

I am writing this post with lots of hope and a proper judgment from SAMSUNG side.

Yours sincerely,

Samit Chatterjee
Phone: (+91)-33-2484-7068 (Home)
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