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Severe Sales & Service issues at Haryana Reliance Netconnect

31-07-2011, 11:03 PM
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Severe Sales & Service issues at Haryana Reliance Netconnect
Dear Mr. Ravi Hudda & all Concerned,

I wrote a a mail on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 12:05 PM earlier also to customer service, when some one called from Mumbai, explained everything but nothing happened.

This is to again inform you that I applied for Net Connect Broadband Connection in Shanti Complex, Opp Sandpiper Tourist Comples, Naiwali Chowk, Rewari -123401 ( Haryna). Mr. Dinesh- DST Came & Gave us a demo broadband, took application & 1450/- Rs. Promised for activation in next 4 days by Mr Kamlesh Saini

Never done. 1 week later when my staff called for delay in activation, they were informed that my Photos are not accepted. My office called Local Reliance Office & requested to collect Photos, no one came.

On 22nd July I talked to Mr. Puneet Nasa, he promised to send some one to collect photos. He sent some one with broadband as mine, which did not work. he took the it back.

Since then it is almost 1.5 month. No one has bothered despite regular follow ups on 01274- 301020.

Furthermore Language of Ms. Teena & Mr. Balwinder Singh is not at all appropriate. They dont know how to talk to customer , does not have service attitude.

Followed Mr. Puneet Nasa at least 5 times for activation of my data card. NO ONE CAMEā€¦. till today.

Today AFTER 45 DAYS Mr. Ajay came to give me MY Data Card & tried to activate. Was not activated. To my shock I was informed that this Data Card belongs to some Mr. Pushpender. When I Called Mr. Puneet, he informed me that there was miscommunication & asked for the Data Card No. To all U gentlemen, one question" How can I tell my broadband Number, if it was never given to me?" & Where is my DATA card???????????

Furthermore to my disbelief , I was informed that my connection has be disconnected due to non payment. To all U gentlemen, 2nd question" How can I be billed without any data card. Given to me or without activation???"

I called Mr. Puneet to take number of Haryana head & national Head. After much persistence & requests he gave me number of Mr. Ashish Arora. He refused to give name of name, number, office number. He even refused to give board numbers of Mumbai Office.

I called Mr. Ashish Arora & asked the number/ email id of national head of Reliance Communication or concerned top official. He asked the Problem & I told him clearly to tell the problem after he give me requested details. He said " I M not telephone directory!"

I was really shocked that GM of Reliance calling himself a directory or more precisely is this a GM of reliance should behave.

I have number of Mr. Puneet & then Mr. Ashsih, whom should I call for Numbers???????????

He refused to give me mobile number of Mr. Ravi Hudda. he refused to give name, email id, mobile number or even board number of National Head. After much request he gave me office number of Mr. Ravi ( Which was no reply)

If my broadband connection is not installed in 45 day, I was billed for not using Broadband, & on 45th day of application, well I call it inefficiency & incompetency of Haryana Reliance Comm, where I am wrong.


I said these words & I accept this, this is what EXECTLY I FELT.

For this if U wish to sue me, well, I will wait for that.

Because after telling my problem to Mr. Ashish he, very angrily told me to refund the money. " Did I ever asked to refund money?" No I did not ! Mr. Ashish Arora !!! For lack of your services. for your indecent behavior to a aggrieved customer. Its easy way out. No Mr. Ashish I will not do it until I am heard properly & will have the same feeling for Reliance Top Officials, sitting at Mumbai also.

Mr. Ashish asked me to write a mail with all details then he will take necessary action. What a customer service? Why he could not call Mr. Puneet for details.

Now I understand why behavior of Ms. Teena & Mr. Balvinder was not customer friendly. I forgot that it starts from the top. Mr. Puneet nasa & Mr. Ashish are fine examples of this.

Now Mr. Ravi and all concerned Offcials/ Executives ! I expect / request you to please inform:

1. Why my Broad Band was not activated/ given to me even after 45days?

2. How I was billed without activation?

3 How Mr. Ajay Brought Data card of some Mr. Pushpender?

4. what actions U are going to take for lapse in service, huge delay & unfriendly customer attitude of Ms. Teena, Mr. Balvinder, Mr. Puneet & Mr. Ashish -GM

5. What is the name/ mobile no or office landline number/ email id of Top Official MD/CEO of Reliance Communication/ Net connect Broadband. ?

If I do not get reply in next two days.

I will do nothing.

But I will ask for refund for this data card, will surrender 2 more data card of Reliance. I am using now. I will do one more thing; who so ever will ask about Reliance & I will tell them " Reliance communication is Inefficient & Incompetent, better choose other service provider or in the end Mr. Ashish will refund the money"

A Totally Dissatisfied Frustrated Customer of Reliance

Naveen Vashisth

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