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Relocation service not given yet.

26-05-2013, 09:48 PM
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Relocation service not given yet.
Dear Sir. Date : 26.05.2013

Subject : Relocation service, Subscriber ID : 1082566009

This is to inform I relocated from Chennai to Bangalore and very rightly disconnected service of Tata Sky on 10.05.2013 for WO No.1-20500649091. Further the relocation address for our new residence at Bangalore was also given and request made on 15.05.2013 and recieved WO No.1-20607665357 at 11.00 am. Incidentally, on 17.05.2013 I received a SMS about reschedule with a new WO No.1-20635978035 scheduled at 17.30 hours, for reason still not known and that I was told of receiving a call from Tata Sky in 24 hours about the service to be done. Incidentally I never received any call from them. The following day on 18.05.2013 when I called the call centre number - 080-60006633, I was assured that the service will be done by the end of the day. Then the technician had called me and said that the relocation service cannot be done due to Local cable Operators issue and eventually he demanded that he be transported through cab service to get the service done. In a few minutes when I had called the same number(dont remember the number as it is erased from my mobile records) I was yold by the technician that even with cab service the service cannot be handled. We were just left lurching and wondering why cannot the service be rendered even with assurances from the local cable operator and the owner of our apartments.
Since I had to travel for a few days due to my work commitments, this issue was left out only hoping Tata Sky will resolve the issues. But on my return on 23.05.2013, I found that the service was not given and once again I called the call center number - 18604256633 and spoke to the supervisor Mr Pradeep who assured me the issue for the WO No.1-20661981573 will be resolved by 17.30 hours which never happened. This again was rescheduled to another WO No.1-20745233923. Eventually, I called 18604256633 and spoke to another supervisor Md Rafi and asked about the issue and he said it would take another days time to be resolved. Surprised and fed up by this, I cut the call after they said the issue will be resolved at the earliest.
On 24.05.2013 I recieved a call at around 14.00 hours from Tatasky customer service stating the issue will be resolved and the concerned technician who is incharge number was given. Incidentally I was made to call the technical supervisor in Bangalore who did not reply for the first 2 calls and later picked up to say that there were issues regarding the Local Cable Operater and denied to give service despite assurances of safety and no danger. His name was Mr Murahari - Mobile number 9986500088.
Eventually after a few repeated calls he agreed for service only if I arrange a cab which initially I objected for and then agreed to also arrange for the transport. He then put me on to the technician Mr Raju mobile number 8197475456 on a conference call for confirmation who again very well denied that he will not do service in our locality. After a few hours when I called Mr Murahari requesting him to get the dish fixed he squarely even if the cab was arranged and transported with due safety and also assurances from our land owner and also the cable operator himself.
Sadly this is been a very very harrowing experience for me and my parents who are in their old age are deprived of enjoying their favourite programmes. All the initial issues were about the Local Cable Operator and finally even when the Local Cable Operator assured them of no harm your technicians are denying to render service.
Moreover when I had disconnected the service on 10.05.2013 the balance was Rs 210 and which is now become Rs 70. So Tata Sky does not bother to give service and they also deduct money even without the connection and watching the programmes. Who will compensate this loss of about Rs 140. Does Tata Sky now qualify that it does not want to give service to existing customers and made to face such losses due to their lethargic behaviour. If they do, then please give a statement from Tata Sky stating that you are unable to give service to existing customers like me as it will make me go to other Dish TV brands who at least do not show incompetence.
Before this episode I have atleast referred 4 customers to Tata Sky on the basis of the recognition the company holds and for good service which was done very effectively. Incidentally I dont get the same service for relocation and showing incapabilities over this issue.
The rest is left to you. Ultimately whatever the solution you come out for this, the loss will be still be mine. Hope this is solved in the right spirit of Customer Satisfaction.

Kindly do the needful.

Vijay Anand.
Mobile Number - 09986212125.
Subscription Number - 1082566009
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