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Nokia lumia 710 charging port + Earphone problem

18-03-2013, 02:14 PM (This post was last modified: 18-03-2013 07:08 PM by Expert.)
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Nokia lumia 710 charging port + Earphone problem
Purchased Lumia 710 on 27.6.2012. It developed two problems-
  • device charging port has become loose and frequently stops charging
  • you can not talk using ear phone. Voice can be received but does not go out, tested with other earphones same condition. I.e problem in device

As advised by their website to contact Nokia if the charging port is loose. I showed it to Nokia care center at sector 10 Noida UP India M/S Mannat telecom. Dealt by Ms Dolly.Phone checked by service engineer who completely damages the port and returns the device claiming that as usb port is damaged the warranty is void. Now the mobile can not be charged at all while previously I was able to charge it and it was only loose.

They refuse to repair both the problems saying warranty is void. Now their person breaks the port and then claims repair charge of Rs. 3500/-which is highly unfair. This is common manufacturing defect in Nokia 710 as can be seen from enclosed file. The phone has never suffered even slightest damage and only been used with Nokia charger supplied with it.

It is shocking that Nokia customer care is stooping to such low levels to cheat its consumers. When I contacted their customer care then -AT FIRST THEY CLAIMED THAT IT WAS CASE OF LIQUID DAMAGE AND WHEN I CONFRONTED THEM. THEY IMMEDIATELY CHANGED THEIR VERSION THAT IT WAS PHYSICAL DAMAGE. THIS CLEARLY SHOWS THEIR MAL INTENTIONS. THEIR SERVICE ENGINEERS ARE DAMAGING THE DEVICE AND THEN ASKING MONEY TO REPAIR IT. THIS IS THEIR CUSTOMER CARE POLICY. Their Team Nokia which replies to complaints is doing so only as a gimmick to fool people that they are very concerned but basically they do nothing and people should think ten times before purchasing any Nokia product. They are simply cheating their consumers.
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