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NOKIA C7 - Dust Accumulation Underneath the LCD - Complaint

29-04-2012, 11:28 AM (This post was last modified: 29-04-2012 11:23 PM by Expert.)
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NOKIA C7 - Dust Accumulation Underneath the LCD - Complaint
I bought my Nokia c7 in Feb 2011. From the starting, dust particles have crawled its way below the touch screen. I took it to Revanna Nokia Care here in mysore and cleaned it. The most frustrating part is that they did this 3TIMES over the next 8 months, (took the handset and cleaned the LCD) until my warranty date had arrived, and I was swindled into taking the Nokia Care Protect which extended my warranty. In January, they took the mobile and sent it to the "Company" for 10 days. Ok, i waited for 10 days and got the handset back. They had replaced the LCD and in another week, the dust problem started again. I tell this to Nokia Care and this time the people there advise me to ADJUST with the problem. This was unacceptable so i threatened to go to higher officials and after 3 days of my argument, they take the mobile and send it to company again. Now the most frustrating part is that they took the handset for a period of 29 days, did not provide me any standby handset and finally when a replacement was provided on the 22nd March 2012, I was infuriated to see my buttons and camera panel SCRATCHED. THIS WAS NOT HOW I SUBMITTED THE MOBILE. THE WORST PART IS THAT EVEN NOW THE DUST PROBLEM IS NOT SOLVED. I have wasted over 1500 rupees in buying screen guards and silicone & leather pouches on Nokia Care's advice just to find the problem is not solved. I really am disgusted with this phone right now. I feel cheated and abused. I hope Nokia contacts me and resolves these issues, I really don't want to waste my time taking them to consumer court,but if I have to, I will. Given the price I paid for this handset( Rs 17000) , I don't deserve to face this kind of service) I am very sad to convey that the situation has got worse. The Nokia Care here had taken my phone for "observation" and found no problem, but whereas when I took it for use, the very next day the dust problem had reappeared. I conveyed this to the branch manager and sadly, he was in a very uncooperative mood, and has ineffectively blamed me (the customer) of this problem. Clearly if you type "dust problem in nokia c7" in google, you will get around 10 websites which house the complaints of many such customers with the same problem and I think this directly implies that it is not the customer fault, but some rare manufacture defect with some particular handsets of this type. The manager even though proved wrong, has once again procrastinated justice and has delayed any action from being taken by citing that he has sent an email of "APPROVAL" for the effective replacement of my phone. Logically speaking, one of the greatest mobile giants of the world, NOKIA, WOULD NOT AND WILL NOT delay their response BY 27 DAYS. So clearly there is some malpractice going on and sadly I, as a loyal Nokia customer, am on the receiving end of an unjust action. Will Nokia higher officials take action, will Nokia officials come to the aid of a loyal Nokia customer, will Nokia officials heed the value of precious money spent on such a costly phone?? I really hope so, because this should not deteriorate the Nokia's name in the society. This is the only action we as customers can take against such unjust actions, so please, if Nokia officials have seen this, I hope some action will be taken soon.
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