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MTS Mblaze Speed Problems

12-04-2012, 07:55 AM
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MTS Mblaze Speed Problems
This is the letter I have written to MTS after repeated complaints to their office at K C Complex, at Ajmer.

I have mostly been unable to use their connection at my office in Kishangarh, even after their repeated promises. In fact I have many times incurred extra charges on my BSNL Wired Broadband at the office due to my not being able to use this alternate MTS broadband connection, that I had bought just to escape such a situation. My MTS Broadband data usage has been not more than 15-20% of what I paid for, as the speeds are so slow that it is better to pay BSNL the extra charges than waste time on this MTS MBLAZE Broadband. They have cheated me and commited fraud. They are still upto their same old tricks, with no solution in sight.


The Letter:

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I am a user of your MBLAZE Broadband Datacard no.8104989529. I bought this a few months back under the ERRONOUS belief that it would give me a fast data transfer experience (3.1 mbps as claimed by you). This was assured by your sellers also.

I had a reliance Netconnect Broadband earlier, which I wanted to discontinue due to some personal issues (NO QUALITY OR SPEED ISSUES). That was a postpaid connection.

Since I have bought this, I have never been able to get even 15-20% of the promised speed. Even this 15-20% speed is reached in spikes only and is not sustainable. The actual transfer rate works out to below 144 kbps, which is a very slow speed as compared to any other Broadband card available here. My connection is mostly used in Madanganj Kishangarh, and I have bought this mainly for my office use.

I have repeatedly been complaining about this. In fact, last month I had not recharged my amount. On receiving an SMS about a camp to solve these issues at your KC Complex, Ajmer dealer's office, I visited that office. I was requested to recharge as they would be unable to check the connection without any value in it. I recharged for a certain amount, only so that they could check the connection.

After more than an hour's experimentation they said that the card is perfectly ok, and working fine. AT THAT LOCATION it did seem to be working fine. I requested them to please get the same verified at my office location at the Makarana Road Chouraha, Industrial Area, Kishangarh office.

After repeated reminders for more than 1 week, I received a call telling me to do this and that with my computers, and with the data card settings. After wasting 2 hours, and many calls, I was told that they would send someone to check

Next day again I received the same call requesting me to adjust settings etc. again. This time I refused, as I had already wasted 2 hours the day before, and they had promised to send me someone to check the connection.

The next day they did send a person named RAGHAV to check my connection. He checked the connection for a long time, playing with the settings on the computer as well as the card software. At that point even he concluded that there was a genuine problem of speed. In fact at that point he was connecting at a speed of upto 450kbps, but within seconds, even before your own webpage loaded, the speed would crash to 0 zero. Then the net would just crawl along.

He said he would report this to JAIPUR. This was on 30/03/2012.

Now that very evening I received a SMS stating that my complaint no.MAR/56979 had been SUCCESSFULLY RESOLVED. What nonsense and lies. I never expected this type of CHEATING from you.

After this I have been regularly contacting your Ajmer office at KC Complex, but to no avail. In fact the lady there, even after promising me to resolve the issue, does not even think it proper to call me back with the information or action taken. Nor has anyone from MTS ever contacted me after that.

Infact even right now the net on your MBLAZE is just crawling along, at my office in Kishangarh.

Now I would like you to REFUND the money that I have paid to use this SUBSTANDARD datacard of yours, till date, due to your false promises. YOU HAVE CHEATED ME AND LIED TO ME IN YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS. This was very UNETHICAL of you. I was happier with Reiance, as regards the speeds and areas of connectivity. YOU have misrepresented your speeds and connectivity to sell your SUB-STANDARD services and product.

Please refund urgently.


sandeep garg
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14-04-2012, 10:37 AM
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RE: MTS Mblaze Speed Problems
We regret the inconvenience caused. Thank you for providing the details. We will ensure that our customer support team will contact you.
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