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Continuous Long Power Cuts during Night -C-Block,Dabri Extension East,New Delhi

31-05-2013, 12:51 PM (This post was last modified: 01-06-2013 04:12 PM by Expert.)
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Thumbs Down Continuous Long Power Cuts during Night -C-Block,Dabri Extension East,New Delhi
This is a complaint in regards to long continuous power cuts during "Night Time" and Electricity supply restricted and limited up to 10 to 12 hours a day for our area C- Block, Dabri Extension East, New Delhi-110045. The area C- Block, Dabri Extension East, New Delhi is purely a domestic power consumer and has no major industrial units within it.

The power cuts continue to haunt our area even as the temperature climbed to 45 degrees Celsius. There are basically no timings or patterns to the power cuts. Majority of the power cuts are made at night staring at 10.30 PM and ends at even 5 A. M in the morning. The electricity consumers in my area have made several complaints to the Local Power Supply Office - BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (Dabri Unit Code 2661) - C-2 D, DABRI MORE PANKHA ROAD, NEW DELHI-110058 but the problem seems to alarmingly prevail and still has a lot of solution less disappointments around it.

People in our locality are suffering extremely due to such a casual attitude by the BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (Dabri Unit Code 2661) - C-2 D, DABRI MORE PANKHA ROAD, NEW DELHI-110058. We are facing this problem since long back but now it has increased drastically. The power supply switches "ON" AND "OFF" round the clock and has no second thoughts even for the senior citizens, bedridden sick people, pregnant ladies and the children during this super-hot weather. The power cut doesn't have any fixed timing and doesn't even mercy at late in the night or the early office timings, when power is needed the most. This has greatly affected our daily lives.

“Night Sleep” is an integral part of the life of a human being. A common man works hard to earn his livelihood for the entire day and take rest during night time to prepare himself physically and mentally for the next day. Taking rest is equally important because it plays an important role in maintaining good health and wellbeing. If a person doesn't gets rest at the night time due to power cuts, it is definitely enough for him to get inactive, unhealthy and causing serious health hazards within no time.

As an electricity consumer we pay our electricity bills regularly and also come up with the taxes and government's surcharges very loyally and obediently. So in return we have the rights to expect a time table on power cuts which should be sensible in nature, keeping in mind the demands of electricity power utilization of an area during the peak usage hours.

Ideally the "Basic Public Facilities" like Electricity Supply must be under proper maintenance and there must be a governing body who should actually keep a check on the characteristics of power distribution, power consumption and power supply regulation in a particular area. As a conscious citizen of this country we do understand that sometimes the demand of electricity is more than the capacity of possible supply. As such there can be a proper strategy and planning which could be framed by the Power Supply Units which can control the power supply in the form of a Time Table of Power Cuts. This should be implemented by keeping in mind the necessity and peak hours of the electricity consumption. Simultaneously we should be able to meet all the demands of electricity power utilization of an area during the peak usage hours.

In this 21st century the time has come that the common man should have the right to information about his Power Supply availability and distribution capacities. Public should possess the complete knowledge of the policy and procedures that governs its functionalities. Transparency is the basic rule of governance and the same should be in the case of Electricity Supply units as well.

Power Cuts for long hours should be liable of justification and a genuine reason must be kept in front of the public in case if a major power failure event. Above all, the power cuts should no longer remain a voluntary and independent organizational decision but rather be cumulative and transparent decisions keeping in mind the Power Capacity of the Unit as well as the peak hours of public power consumption.

We being parts of a metropolitan city like Delhi NCR, it really makes us conscious and doubtful about the growth and development of our country. We are still evidently unequipped and helpless in terms of the maintenance of "Basic Public Facilities". We are known to be the part of a "Developing Country" and expect to live our lives with the same competency. Being a Capital City, the entire country has a lot to look up to us, when it comes to having a glimpse at the "Basic Public Facilities" out here. We are yet to walk a long way to become a shining example for others.

I hope you can understand the practicality of the situation and will certainly make your best efforts of resolution by taking necessary steps on the complaint. I make an appeal to the BSES Rajdhani Power Limited Team to kindly make a consideration to this issue on humanitarian grounds.

I hope to meet your kind consideration and attention at the earliest
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