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16-03-2013, 05:36 PM (This post was last modified: 18-03-2013 07:16 PM by Expert.)
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I had requested 121 Airtel to convert my stand alone DSL connection user id 01206323257_dsl to Combo connection. I was told that there is no way to convert the connection and I have to file disconnection & get new connection. As advised by Air tel people I signed both the papers and opted for advance rental plan in new number 01204565752. As all ready I had Airtel wiring at home there people just came to my home and connected the instrument and re figured the wi fi modem and the new connection started working on same line and modem.

As the connection was on same line it was presumed that they have disconnected the old one. After one month I recd a bill for old connection and found Airtel has not disconnected the 1st connection and are charging for that too. So Airtel has started charging me for two connection instead of one I had or have. They didn't sent bill or receipt for the new connection Even after complaining them everyday they could not resolve the issue and meanwhile another month bill was added. and due to the outstanding in my old a/c which was caused due to criminal negligence on Airtel side new connection services were barred from Feb 24th or so. I have found that the Airtel staff who sold / installed the new connection has got his number added in my account unauthorizedly and just to make the targets or incentives of his and retention people both had manipulated the things. Moreover the Airtel Franchisee Amba BPO took payment of 6500.00 for which they have issued a proper receipt but my account shows credit of Rs6000. therefore have embezzled Rs 500.

More over now despite having advance rental for next 6 months Airtel has stopped the service due to the fraud committed by Airtel Staff/Franchisee. Moreover now my services are barred for over 3 weeks. Now apart from inconvenience & loss of business I am loosing the money being paid as advance rental . I feel the success has gone to head of Airtel people and now they are not even accepting my request to disconnection all the services permanently.

As a last resort I am approaching you people as I feel before filing an criminal apart from consumer court case against Airtel for unauthorized alteration with customer data, and against it's franchisee for embezzlement & cheating I wish to explore this avenue. I request your kind attention. Thanks
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18-03-2013, 07:21 PM
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(16-03-2013 05:36 PM)navneetsarin Wrote:  As the connection was on same line it was presumed that they have disconnected the old one.

Legally one is required raise a service request to close a connection. Moreover in large organizations operators keep changing and one can remember only though any service/complaint number.

I suggest you meet/talk with Nodal officer and resolve it amicably. Try to understand their point of view as well( view from a very large organization like Airtel).

It is not the amount that matters. It is more of my self-respect as an educated consumer!Shy
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