Unsatisfied with tata Docomo 3G Donbgle Services/behaviour of Tata Employees

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have bought tata docomo 3g Dongle a/c number 7696003070, device number 869615017314034 from the brand store of tata docomo which located at SCO -15, Sector-11 Panchkula Haryana. I visited at the store on 10th Oct,2013 to see the demo (price and speed), I found speed is not very impressive according to 3g plan, But from 12th Oct, I received several calls from sales advisor mr. Ravinder and he committed me to please buy our 3G Donngle with the statement that it will give you speed of 7.2 mbps at your location (my address #274, Shastri Nagar, Manimajra, chandigarh). In all process mr. ravinder make my mind with his marketing skills to buy this dongle, finally I have bought this dongle on 23rd Oct 2013.

From the same day when I try the dongle at my home, it’s showing message “failed to Connect” and next day I re-visited brand store and ask for help, they just ignore me and told to call on helpline number or docomo call center. I really dissatisfied with after sales service. Then I have called call center and they registered my compliant on 25th Oct which is 385825049. Next day tata docomo engineer visited at my address and he checked the dongle and give me advise that the tower signal problem will remain same in the future and please contact from where you purchased. Next day I visited again to the brand store and ask for help but the tone of the mr. ravinder and his colleague was argumentative. I realized that they will do nothing for me. The same I received call from resolution team of tata docomo and they told me that as per our network engineers feedback your address is 700 meter out of tower range. They just making me give the dongle to some of your friends or change the address of dongle to your known because problem will be remain same in future. Also the caller gave me an offer of low rated plan. I don’t think so the caller have full knowledge of product. I replied the caller that I am not satisfied with the speed and signal which I am receiving. The speed I am receiving form the beginning to till date (0 KBPS to 150 KBPS) and only 1 point in signal bar is showing. I requested the caller to provide me proper solution but the closed my complaint without any resolution.

After few days when no response received from tata docomo team then I decided to visit the store again and the sales advisor mr. ravinder launched another compliant on 2nd Nov 2013 for same problem which was 387176561. Then they also tested the dongle at their brand store, the problem of signal and speed problem was same. I have waited more than 1 hour when they are testing the same but no result for me. They just launched compliant and please wait till resolution comes. Next day another engineer visited my address and the story remain same and he also advise me to sell it out or visit brand store where you purchased.

Then I had decided to meet manager of the brand store, on 10th Nov 2013 I visited again to meet with Mr. Sanjeev Verma (Manager). The tone was rowdy, argumentative, abrasive and dictating and the behavior was not professional or he just using language like a uneducated person. I am not able to define the his responsibility for customer, he every time ignoring and I just tolerated him with patience because I am an educated person. I have given a written compliant to him and he denied to accept the same. I am very surprised why he was not taking complaint from a customer and same copy is attached for the reference.he take dongle and said I am checking the same and he takes more than 2 hours but no result.

After 2 hour I asked him, how much time you will take to resolve my problem. Then he stand and replied that “Nobody will satisfy you” and walked away. I shocked these type of people working with TATA DOCOMO it’s a big company having a good reputation in market. I will think twice while dealing with TATA DOCOMO. After many arguments, he lunched another complaint which is 387893295 again its surprising I didn’t receive any call or feedback from tata docomo team from that day.

So I have decided to mark you mail after many harassment. I am hopping this time problem will be sort-out and will get positive response. Scan copy of compliant letter and bill is attached for your reference





Staff member
Sometimes it can be Windows problem. Have it installed on another computer and check it. You need to key in correct APN in the software to connect to 3G.

Secondly there is no company in India who can give you good signal in all places in India. Try with different providers and devices and see which works. I suggest you try Idea's, Airtel, Vodafone 3G services on the same device. Go with Prepaid plan first.
Dear Sir/Madam

I have installed fresh window twice and no problem at my end. Also I mentioned in the mail that tata engineer who has been visited and the customer support person told me that my area is 6-700 meter far from coverage and this issue will remain same for me.

So, the main thing is that why they didn't tell me these things at the time of purchasing ?
if area is far away from coverage then Why Consumer (I) suffer ? Why they are not increasing coverage or installing new towers etc ?

Overall, they are not listing and themselves put resolution on my complaints without my satisfaction. Manager behaving like i'm an animal, he was very rude, unprofessional, not taking complaint in written. And many other things which I explianed clear shows that they are in wrong side and fraud on this services. I need justice, need refund of my money.


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