Tata docomo broadband - billing issue

This is Ankit here using a tata docomo broadband with the broadband number 8016797535.
This is really high time to raise this issue as its not getting resolved from tata docomo side. Since I took the boradband connection I was facing the internet not working issue but to be specific i faced a serious issue and lodged a complaint on 9th November 2013 and this issue extended till 6th January 2014 almost for the 2 months.
For this 2 months period from 9th November 2013 to 6th January 2014 bill got generated and additional late payment fees is being charged for the same, knowing this mayy occur I raised a complaint well before internet issue got resolved for waiver so that bill should come after deducting the waiver amount but I was told from tata docomo team that waiver can only made once the internet issue is resolved and once it gets resolved the waiver will automatically happen but it did not happened the way it was promised.
I have now bill for Rs. 1317 and internet facility temporarily suspended and I do not agree to pay the bill for the period where I could not use internet wihch is very fair but I am being pushed to pay the bill so that internet suspension gets revoked and later the adjustments will happen.
Also till now I have not come to know thw waiver amount which I am supposed to get.

I have here attached which contains all my email communication with tata docomo.


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