Sapna Interiors & Kitchens, Gurgaon - Fraudulent Practices

We are a old customer of Sapna Kitchens / Sapna Interiors 39 B, Industrial Area, Mehrauli Road, Gurgaon, Phone: +91 - 124 - 2327652, 2321233. We have had good experience in past working with their manager Ashwani. This year in February, we approached them again. Were told that Ashwani has left. But another manager Lalit who we did not have good experience in past as well took over our account. We had to order wardrobes for two houses and kitchen for one. This gentleman visited our site and assured us of product as in past. At the same time, his assistant Rajesh started soliciting us for renovation civil works on the side which we were not interested in. After lot of chasing Lalit we somehow managed to get their designer Vandana to finish the designs. Which they assured would be rechecked when final site specs are obtained. Vandana was the only reason we stayed with the company this time, as she handled our order well till that point. Lalit again took over costing and quoted us 20 lacs for wardrobes for our home. We told him that was way outside the budget we gave him. After lot of hassle it was settled at 12.50 lacs with clear understanding that here after no delays and we need the works all completed by 31st March. He took 1.25 lacs as advance check from us on the 6th of March, assuring that all measurements will be done within the same week. Then we would pay another 5 lacs to complete 50% advance payment. Around 10th March we had to start chasing him again as no work or measurements were done. Two days later we complained to the owner Mr Bhutani through a mutual friend. Finally Vandana stepped in again and over next two days she finalized our specs and we made payment after Lalit assured us of delivery date by 25th March with installation by 31st March. I called him on 24th and he informed me that there is little delay so delivery would begin by 27th March, also that he would still finish by 31st March. On 26th March after much calling he sent a few items and installation work began. On 27th he informed me that we needed to make more payment and I told him first get all carcass of the wardrobes delivered and then we will. 28th March when no one showed up to deliver or fit the wardrobes, I called Mr Bhutani to seek an update. He informed me that I was lying and his manager is like his son. He had only committed on April 7th as delivery date. I asked him to check his order sheets and he asked for little time to sort out matters. In the meantime I wrote to him by sms that I am deeply offended by his charge on my honesty. At that time through mutual friend they started negotiating with my Father in Law to wait for 3 days till goods are finished as their press was broken. When the time came to deliver, they asked for payment before more product is sent. Our mutual friend assured that he stands guarantee. Sapna should be given more payment and all product would be delivered. Mr Father in Law visited their office the next morning. Delivered them a cheque of Rs 4 Lacs. They then held the delivery of goods, let alone fitting for 4 days till cheque cleared and then another two days before delivering only part of the items after many calls. This time Mr Bhutani put down the phone on my Father in Law twice, telling him to wait and not argue. On 10th March some items started fitting. But goods were not to specs. We objected and the owner's son Karan Bhutani visited us on 13th April. He assured the corrections would be done and then only the shutters would be ordered. We agreed that all carcasses would be finished in two days. But on 15th there was hardly any progress. This time Karan asked for another payment before next lot is sent. We refused and told them finished the works for carcasses and we will make next payment. We had figured out by then that these guys were all about making false commitments and then holding clients home hostage. 18th April they claimed all carcasses were done. I sent them photos and they said sorry we will not do any more work till you make balance payment. We told them we have paid 10.25 lacs already. You have hardly done any work, plus delayed our home by weeks. Plus unmeasureable harassment. Then Mr Bhutani informed us that make final payment and we will finish work, no other way. If we don't make payment by 18th evening, he would leave country and we will have to wait till 27th April. He was lying, he travelled only on 20th night. We only wanted good finished to what we had paid already as we could not trust such a company. They felt we had no recourse and were to their mercy. We made a decision not to accept such black mail. We moved into our home on 20th April without wardrobes. We informed them that they must remove their goods which are shoddy and un finished. Plus return our money. They have no replied since. The mutual friend is extremely apologetic, but has no say with them. Sapna Kitchens AKA Sapna Kitchens are frauds and you should be careful before giving them any work. I have attached photos of work status on 18th April and that is all we got for 10.25 lacs of money. It is worthless. We have sought legal advice and will proceed against them very soon. If you have similar experience, please send me a message and we can join hands to bring these frauds to justice.


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