First ever disaster experience with product company (LG Refrigerator)!!

After 15 years of waiting and saving our money, we finally decided to buy a large size LG refrigerator. We bought one LG large size fridge(Model No - GL-378PLQ4) with 2 extended warranty from Croma store on 30th April,2014. But from day one only we started facing having cooling problem with fridge.

We lodge 2 complaints within 2 weeks and every time they concluded that the Fridge is OK at their side. But when we lodged complaint 3rd time on 17th May,2014 the LG engineer found that yes, there is some issues with compressor and need to get it repair.

Since it's newly purchased fridge not even one month old, we requested them to replace it. Yes, the product has 3 years warranty. Then they finally started their game.

Mr. Sandeep Sharma senior associative in LG office in Vaishali, promised us to get fridge replace within 2 weeks. But when ever I called them, either they are processing my request or in process state.

Later on Mr. Sandeep Sharma informed me that the company has stopped production of this model and they don't have similar piece now. He insured me to return my money and got ready to initiate the process to refund our money.

Again after having so many calls Mr. Mohit/Senior costumer executives collected one cancelled cheque and they took signed on their document as part of their money refund process.

May month was already gone and it's was mid of June. Every time I called to LG customer executive person to request them if they can get the status of my request from Local LG executives.

Later on, Rashmi associative that handles replacement request called me up and said they can't refund my money, and will provide me a another alternate model. Though I was not ready to accept after having such bad experience with them still I got convinced and asked them to provide me a model at least with same configuration. Since we have already paid for that.

I also talked to Mr. Anuj head of LG department he con vied me that they will provide me a better model with better configuration than the one I purchased. They offered me LG Model GL- D372RLJM. Since we have been already frustrated from last 2 months with having *N* of calls to all senior/junior executives, I didn't had power to check on LG showroom now. Since they all were saying, it's latest model than your last model and it's much costly than your one. I trusted them and asked them to deliver it.

Finally on 3rd July, 2014 they delivered alternative LG model which was of medium size. It's one row less than our one. I called Ms Rashmi and asked her to take it back and said it's not on agreement on what we convinced. She said , they will look into the matter and will try to resolve it asap.

I called many a time to LG customer executive's, Ms. Rashmi, Mr. Anuj. But I didn't receive any response. Then after one week, Mr. Sandeep called me stated that they can't do anything now because we accepted their replacement fridge and signed on their documents. And secondly, it's being one week now and it's too late to raise your voice on this. I tried to convey my message to them and said Sir, I've been calling to all of your executives since first day only when you kept your replaced fridge and Rashmi knows all of this incidence. But he didn't agree and said they can't do anything now. It's not cheating and what we call it now.

Company has stopped making more model of what we purchased that's not customer fault and why customer has to compromise with medium model in that case.

I request to this forum if someone can listen my voice and do some justice to us.

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