Dr. Kritika Moghe Gynaecologist at Charkop - Inhuman and humiliating behaviour

I Mrs. Munish Singh despite of taking appointment was left unattended by my gynaecologist.

I waited for her to return form foreign. She returned i spoke to her on phone and she said to come with sonogrpahy report. i took her appointment for 22nd July 2014 at 6.30pm but when i visited the clinic my name was not written.

As i am a physically challenged person i wanted to do the sonography and docotor checkup at the same time hence i had already taken appointment for 6pm with sonologist who visit the same place.

The sonologist came at 7pm instead of 6pm i waited there since 5.50pm.
He gave my report by 7.10pm. But Dr. Kritika Moghe refused to attend me.

She said in very humiliating way to her reception sister MUNISH KO MAT LENA. TAKE NEW PATIENTS. New patients are those who come without appointment.

I despite of all my genuine reasons was left unattended. I still waited till 7.50pm but she again said that she will not attend me.

She yelled and said DONT TAKE MUNISH to the sister.

If we are paying and still getting this service we can imagine what service such doctors give to people who cant afford to pay.

I was not taking a free service from here but she gave me such inhuman behaviour.

She has lost all respect which i had for her.

Shame on her this behaviour. She forgot docotrs are to serve human. not to humilate them this way and make them keep waiting. and then not attending.
I Mrs. Munish Singh had posted in this forum in June 2014 regarding improper behavior by Dr. Kritika Moghe.

I now post a new feedback that after that incidence she addressed me personally and finally I came to know that there was some confusion all that mess was created by her staff who couldnt manage the appointments turn by turn. Due to which the mess was created.

Till now I am taking treatment from Dr. Kritika Moghe despite of that incident as the situation was bad not the doctor. She is the best gynaec I have ever met. I will never go to any other gynaec except her.

She still attend me with same love and care.

Thanks Doctor you are the best


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Dr. B S Poswal, Sidhant College, Symbiosis College of nursing, Shri birbal medical and educational society, vinayak mission society, jaipur.
i have been with Dr. B.S.Poswal and can say that i have never seen a fraud so confident. First of all he is not a doctor but claim so on papers and in personal life. He claims to be the owner of properties worth millions but the truth is he do not have thousand rupees in his account. All his properties are under mortgage. He will elude you with lucid ideas and his fancy approaches but in the end you will find yourself harassed and cheated. He is so perfect in paper fraud that he can manipulate any document and can transfer single property to many people several times. He has cheated so many innocent students by taking fraud admissions and spoiling their life. He is perfect in check fraud. Several police complaints have been lodged against him.
I request all to take serious thought and precaution while dealing with this man.

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