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DHL shipment delayed due to DHL's mistake

03-08-2011, 03:11 PM
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DHL shipment delayed due to DHL's mistake
We gave the shipment in Bangalore to DHL on 8th Jun 2011 (Airway bill no.: 6180417972). We paid Rs. 2223 for the shipment to USA and were assured a 48 hours delivery. When the shipment didn’t reach even by 14th, we registered a complaint with DHL and were told that the zipcode they have mentioned on the package was incorrect.

The shipment was picked up from our home, and we were given a DHL receipt that mentions the correct address written by me. During data entry, DHL entered incorrect zip code on the package.

On 15th, we informed DHL of their mistake in the zipcode so that the package could be redirected to correct address. But based on their poor response, we sent the documents again through DHL. Airway bill no. 5990379500 sent on 15th Aug; this time we paid Rs. 3348 for an urgent delivery.

I have been following up with DHL to get a refund for last 1.5 months. They refuse to own up the mistake. They say that we had given the shipment to a wholesaler (Concorde) who made the mistake during data-entry.

Two points I would like to highlight:
1. We had searched for DHL on the internet and this is what came up:
DHL Courier Services - DHL Contact Phone No: 9448080444 |

Free PickUp All Over Bangalore 24/7

By looking at this, one cannot even suspect that the phone number is a wholesaler’s number (Concorde) and not DHL since DHL’s web-site is mentioned here. This is the number we too had called.

2. When home pick-up was done, we were given a DHL receipt. Had we been a Concorde receipt, it would have been a red-flag for us and we would have realized that we are not dealing with DHL directly and would not have given them the package. But all we were given was a DHL receipt. (Please note that I am in possession of the DHL receipt that mentions the correct zipcode provided by me.)

Given the fact that we have a DHL receipt, we expect DHL to take responsibility for the issue. Since the last 1.5 months, they have been wasting my time in email communication always evading the issue and giving unreasonable excuses. They refuse to take ownership for the mistake, resolve the issue with the wholesaler (if required) and compensate the consumer.

On my side, I have also tried to talk to and email with Concorde with no success (they do not respond).

It is extremely disgusting and frustrating that a big company like DHL is behaving in this manner.

DHL must take ownership for the mistake and compensate me Rs. 3348 that I had to spend on the re-shipment and for all the time I have wasted following up on this issue.
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04-08-2011, 03:08 PM
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RE: DHL shipment delayed due to DHL's mistake
If I believe your words, then it is a clear mistake on part of DHL.
If it is DHL's mistake then you should not get frustrated and ruin your personal happiness just because somebody else did a mistake.
Just because somebody smashed my car does not mean that I should jump into the river.

You should not give up. Coolly first escalate the matter only with senior people at DHL. Then send a legal notice by registered letter before moving to Consumer Forum.
Moreover going to consumer forum in your case is very simple. Three- four copies of your complaint and receipt and a DD of Rs. 50-100 and your complaint will be registered.
You don't need a lawyer.

It is not the amount that matters. It is more of my self-respect as an educated consumer!Shy
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