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    Spice Mobiles - Worst Customer Care & Very Worst Repair Center in Factory

    My name is A.Anandbabu from Coimbatore, TamilNadu. I am give a SPICE MI-511 mobile for repair work in SPICE MOBILE authorized service center VENUS MOBILES, Coimbatore, TN. The Job Card No. 1520 / 18-08-2015. The Problems are, 1. Blur Display in side view. (Images & Videos shows like negative)...
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    XOLO Mobile- Very Very Worst Customer Service

    My name is A.Anandbabu from Coimbatore- Tamilnadu. I am purchased Xolo Q900 (Rs.12100/-) and I am submitted a mobile for repair purpose in F1 Info Solutions, Coimbatore-TN. The Work order No.310000856682/ 24-10-2014. The mobile not able repaired by xolo factory team. After 25 days I am received...