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19-11-2012, 09:39 PM (This post was last modified: 20-11-2012 09:53 AM by Expert.)
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Subject: Refer my subscriber ID : 1003552310 (No signal issue since 15.11.12 and non professional attitude of the staff ). Complaint number: 1-17443135586 dated 17.11.12 and 1-17443135586 dated 19.11.12.
First and foremost I would like to inform you that I am associated with Tata Sky since 2007 (almost 5.5 years) and have enjoyed it till last week until I have faced a complaint and witnessed how unprofessional and careless your employees are.

Before this incident whenever my friends and relatives had a discussion with me regarding the best satellite TV available, I was always and always have favoured Tata sky as it belongs to a group, who is the oldest and have won trust of its entire consumer across different industries and countries.

I always paid my subscription fee on time and last time I even had paid Rs.10, 000 (my subscriber ID: 1003552310) for 3.5 years in advance to the company as I trusted it most.
All my belief and trust met a great disappointment when on 15.11.12 my family members informed me that they are not able to view channels. I personally checked TV myself and switched on the unit and found that there were some disturbance and the picture was not clear. On 16.11.12 I informed Tata sky on +9117266006633 at 22.41 pm and the person who attended the call informed me that due to some maintenance work that is going on so within 4-5 hours the problem will be solved on its own. Next day again on 17.11.12 at 12.20 pm I have to call the same number and have informed the company that I am unable to view channels, my complaint was registered and I was given a complaint number 1-17443135586 and was informed with 12 hours someone from company will call and will visit us to resolve our complaint. We didn’t receive any call from anyone and again on 18.11.12 I called Tata sky on same number +9117266006633at 19.08 pm and cross check about the engineer visit at our place and I again was informed that now on 19.11.12 someone will visit for sure. I also received a sms which confirmed that someone will visit on 19.11.12 at 18.00 pm. On 19.11.12 I came home early and waited for the engineer at 18.12 I received an sms on my registered mobile that “Dear subscriber your WO# 1-17443135586 has been completed by installer Deepak Kumar for queries please contact 1860 425 6633”.
I was really astonished to see the massage and I called on 1860 425 6633 number and asked him when no one visited my place how come I received completion message, the person who attended the call said he will check and revert back. I again than called on +9117266006633 at 18.20 pm and Mr.Pawan attended the call this time, I informed him again about the message I received and he gave me another complaint number: 1-17486174409.
After this I called on many numbers and finally I located Mr. Deepak Kumar the installer who’s mobile number is +91 9250078215, I asked him that when he didn’t visited my house how can he informed his office that complaint has been closed ? (For which I was informed they will deduct some amount also from my balance). He said he informed his office that he will visit my place on 20.11.12.
I have to write all the details so that you may understand the problem and situation I am still undergoing.
Almost 5 days and 15 calls I made to your offices but till date not even single call I received from your staff or any office. I was given complaint numbers and I had received massages about work completed without single visit of any engineer or installer. Is this a Tata company? Is this we called professionally managed company?
What importance your staff is having for its customer, how will you feel when for small issue you have to call the call centres several times and your all complaints were taken for a toss? No one is bothered.
What actions will you taka against Mr. Deepak Kumar who is giving wrong feed back to your company without giving any services to the customer or paying any single visit ? What type of customer care cell your company operates, where customer keeps on calling and no one ready to hear his problem or even bothered to call back ?
In this particular case I am feeling helpless as I can’t correct the problem without company’s support or help. I am bound to bring this case to your notice so that you also become aware how people under you are managing consumer’s day to day issue.

I have paid my subscription till March,2014 if my problem cannot be resolved by your company please return my amount as I have paid advance till March,2014.I will switch to other company, as I heard their services are far better than Tata sky.

I really feel sad that this problem has reached to this level and I am bound to write such complaints to senior management of the company.

Please feel free to call me anytime for further information and resolve my complaint to the earliest.
Warm Regards,
Deepak Agarwal
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi-110070
Subscriber ID: 1003552310
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 Thanks given by: amit1993
05-11-2013, 11:40 AM
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Dear Nodal Officer,

Reference : TataSky Sub ID : 1007817792

I spoke to you yesterday and you had said you will call back as the wait time is more than 20 seconds. It's been 24 hours (and Now 48 hours) and I have not heard back from Nodal Office nor did any tatasky technician. All my calls now go unanswered - strangely I am not surprised.

MY TV is not receiving any signal from past 5 days.Tried calling TATA sky customer care service 3 times today and every time they transferred it to some kannada speaking executive. If this is so then why do you ask to select the language at the beginning of the call. (This is their strategy as their services are outsourced and the companies which handle customer care get their revenue based on the length of the call duration and the no. of calls made !!!)

When the call is chargeable(we pay for every second although they claim it to be toll free) why on this earth are we made to listen to your advertisements. Nothing can be more annoying than listening to upgrade this....upgrade that...get this free get that free when the customer is already aggrieved. You cant even provide basic services properly and expect to the customer to take more of your services. Pathetic!

I seriously hope this issue to get resolved as soon as possible or I am moving to consumer court.
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08-11-2013, 11:26 AM
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Hi rahar,
You must try other sources of contacting Tata Sky to ensure your work gets done. You can address your complaint to tata sky’s official handle @tatasky. They will arrange for a callback and assist you accordingly or you can contact Tata Sky customer service. They are quiet prompt in their reply and will help you out. It is more effective way of getting your work done. You can write to them at or call their Toll Free Number at 1-800-1806633. The best part is it is available 24X7. I am sure they will look into your matter and check what is causing the no signal issue and rectify it immediately.
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