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Shockingly insensitive behaviour by a Tata company (Tatasky/S T Ser

24-12-2012, 06:32 PM
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Shockingly insensitive behaviour by a Tata company (Tatasky/S T Ser
Surely, this sort of consumer-unfriendly behaviour is not expected of a Tata company.

Here are the facts:

On 22 March 2012, my wife (Ujwal Mankar) booked a TataSky connection because an S T Services (TataSky) salesman who was doing house-to-house canvassing persuaded her to do so in order to help complete his quota and earn a sales incentive. She issued a cheque for Rs.3380/- (Cheque No.257689 dated 22-03-2012 Bank of India Girgaum) in favour of S T Services. The cheque was cleared on 27-03-2012 when there was a phone call from S T Services/TataSky acknowledging the receipt of the amount and asking when the connection should be installed. My wife complimented them on their promptness but requested that the installation be deferred for the time being as the current cable operator’s connection had been paid for and was still to run its course to completion.

The week before last, my wife decided to get the TataSky connection installed and phoned their office to arrange for it. They deputed one of their field staff, a certain Mr Ramchandra Dabholkar, to contact us and proceed with the matter. However, when the situation was explained to him, the aforesaid Mr Dabholkar said no such payment had been made and the staff member who had earlier met us and made the sale (also called Ramchandra) had left the company. When my wife called TataSky again, their promise was to look into the matter and to come back with an answer.

Since then, there is complete silence on the part of TataSky. We are at our wit’s end not knowing what to do. We have waited for a reasonably long time before posting this complaint.

Deepak Mankar
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26-12-2012, 03:58 PM
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RE: Shockingly insensitive behaviour by a Tata company (Tatasky/S T Ser
What proof do you have that S T Services is related to Tata Sky? Does Tata Sky acknowledge them as official partner or sales relationship?

Since you gave cheque in the name of S T Sevices, now they are fully responsible since the money got into their bank account and not in the salesman account. You can drag them in the consumer court. But if they are supplying Tata Sky connections then Tatas must look into this and take some responsibility.

It is not the amount that matters. It is more of my self-respect as an educated consumer!Shy
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 Thanks given by: Deepak Mankar
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