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Dr. Sanjay Saxena, Gastroenterologist, Dehradun

22-06-2011, 02:53 PM
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Thumbs Down Dr. Sanjay Saxena, Gastroenterologist, Dehradun
Dr. Sanjay Saxena, practicing in Dehradun is minting money as he is the only gastroenterologist in the city he has monopoly. He has no ethics. Years before i faced the problem of stomach ache. As he was in the panel list of our organization I went to him. He asked to go for a long list of tests. Although all tests were normal then also he said you have pancreatitis and you stop taking any food , take only liquid and prescribed some medicines. ( I also started medicines as i had good amount of pain) After taking those medicines I had so much of vomiting trouble that within 24 hrs of starting medicines, I was admitted to hospital by my colleagues( No family member was there with me). He kept me in hospital for seven days totally on liquid diet. He told that due to this problem i can not take any milf product even curd ,oil, ghee etc. throughout my life. My parents were very sad as I was of marraigable age at that time(Almost 27 years old). We thought of taking proper medication and I who believed in him and his treatment followed all the instructions religeously. The oil and milk product free diet of mine went for almost one and half years. My social life was drastically affected as I could not attend parties, only few people houses I could go. So it affected me even psychologically and after one year I started feeling very tired and weak. Many times I complained him of fatigue and weakness he never took notice. Then I was diagnosed by a neighborhood doctor of the problem of LOW BP. When I approached him he outrightly denied to acknowledge this problem and instead put me in hospital on high doses of sedatives. He even went up to that extent that you make hospital your home. Somehow I convinced him to discharge me and get out of his grip(Although very weak physically and mentally). Then I started homeopathic treatment and now I eat everything ranging from fried poories, sweets, cakes and what not and has no stomach problem. It is almost now 8 years, when I withdrew myself of his treatment and now I have a family , my husband and two kids. I enjoy eating food and now it is my advice to everyone not to take treatment from him , otherwise one will become his patient for the lifetime. He is such a pathetic doctor, may be knowledgeable but very greedy.

Anyone who is reading this post I really request you to avoid him if you do not want to be patient for the rest of your life.
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21-12-2012, 05:52 PM (This post was last modified: 21-12-2012 07:33 PM by Expert.)
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RE: Dr. Sanjay Saxena, Gastroenterologist, Dehradun
please provide me the homeopathic doctor name where you are taking the treatment.
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04-06-2014, 07:14 PM
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RE: Dr. Sanjay Saxena, Gastroenterologist, Dehradun
Please give the name of homeopathic doctor. My wife has the same problem from last one year. We are also struggling from one year. Please help us.

with regards
Ashok Ghildiyal
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